FreeScore - Scammed out of 14.95 with a website that wasn't up!


I started there free trial service last week and the first day was a breeze, got my info and was completely fine.The second day I tried signing in and it kept giving me an issue with my username and password.

I submited a change password request and got the email. I went back to the site and entered all my info again and said the site was down and to come back in 24 hours (what a waste). I called the 800 number and was told by the automated system that they were closed and to call back M-F 7am - 7pm EST. It was 1:45pm PST and that really ircked me.

Tried signing in the next day and long an behold when I type in a huge green sign on the site popped up saying "Temporarily Unavailable." I called the 800# again at 2:38pm PST and was told the same thing, that they were closed and to call back M-F 7-7pm. By now I was upset but there was no way for me to get a hold of anyone. I went to google and searched "freescore contact" and the contact page came up for their direct site. I clicked on it and long and behold it was the ONLY page that mysteriously worked on the site.

I filled out the form and sent it. Within 2 days I received a response saying that I could cancel but NO refund would be issued as my 7th day was over. I called them back and got the same "we're currrently closed" message. I wrote back to them and they supposedly cancelled my subscription and ripped me off 14.95 from my debit card.

I've had issues with other credit companies but this was by far the worst one.I filed a complaint with the BBB and changed my debit card number.

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FreeScore is a scam


It charged me 10 months for a service which I did not use and did not refund the money saying it is in the fineprint that you have to call and cancel. I called them three time before and got bounced around and kept on hold for approx 15 minute each time and finally disconnected.

BBB and other online police should close down these ***-sites . Is there any other forum where we can address these scamsters..

Never ever sign up for this service. Go to which is a pleasure to work with..and even when you pay you get a good product.

FreeScore is not free

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I went to freescore and got my credit score.Then my bank statement came and somehow this company got my debit card number and money was taken out by them.I called them and the man that I spoke with simply said to me[ well someone in your household gave it to use].I think not.....unless my cat can now read and type.I filed a formal complaint against them.Today I got a letter from[ Bureau of Consumer Protection]. Now they are looking into it. Hopefully I will get some results from this.Someone told me that there is already a lawsuit against them I have been checking on line but I haven't found anything about it yet.Just think if they can so easily get this kind of information what about others.So what is safe anymore.

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what the ***, are thy thinking they know its not free......falless ADVERTISEMENT.....

FreeScore - Why free?

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"Free"score is not free!it's the same as:

My husband ordered a "free" credit report through another company that told us we had to cancel within 7 days or we would have to pay a monthly fee.We of course cancelled within the 7 days.

Since then, we have been getting charged 29.95 under two different names, come to find out, they are the same company. They have been taking us to the cleaners for $60 a month now. Trying to cancel this was a nightmare. They wanted personal info or a member number.

I was not about to give out the personal number and since we don't have a member number... What the heck do they want us to do?

Sell our kids??These guys are stealing thousands of dollars everyday and no one has done anything about it.

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